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Our goal is to provide startups with the best advisors. Startups give us equity in return for mentoring. This means that if one of our startups is successful and makes an exit, we will share that with all of our advisors.

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What do some of the startups say

We have selected a maximum of 100 startups to participate in our AdvisoryClub program. These will be mentored by a maximum of 1000 advisors.

During our first seed investment round I needed some advice and instead of paying to expensive lawyers I could use an advisor for free.
Alex Martin

Travel Startup founder

A condition from our investor was an advisory board as I didn't had a co-founder. By having access to so many amazing advisors I raised on investment.
Terry Figueroa

Fintech CEO

I wasn't sure first if I should give away some equity to advisors, but it was the best decision ever because the valuation of my company is now more than before.
Kaycee Hess

Healthcare Startup

One of the advisors decided to investment in my company! I'm so happy with this as now I could develop my MVP to the next step.
Jenie Smith

Startup founder

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