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Create a (virtual) advisory board to help your startup get traction, connections, and valuable lessons for growth. Get insights from executives and entrepreneurs who have been there. From finding capital to product-market fit, see how an AdvisoryClub can be your secret weapon for success.

“It has helped us move faster, our advisors act as an extension of our team, sometimes there are these hard decisions to make. Advisors are really, really great for that.”

Margot Schmorak

We will help you.

Our advisors have a wealth of knowledge. We can help you because we have the largest network of advisors available to you. Some of the things we can help you with are:

We invest & help you!

How does it work?

We do not charge any fees to our startups, on the contrary, we invest in them. We are selective and want to advise the best startups, for them we open our network to the best advisors.

Be available in our meeting tool of advisors.

Booking Tool

We and our advisors have only one goal, to make your startup successful. You can simply choose the topic you want to discuss, when you want to do it, and then choose your advisors. We can also help you choose the right advisor for you.

What We Do Best

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Free Templates

Get access to many templates including legal agreements, pitch deck templates and financial templates.

Partner Discounts

Get discounts on various services, such as 90% off Hubspot, $5000 AWS credit, and more.


We invest in you, but we also have a large network of investors we can connect you with.

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